Already got up at 06:30. Pien and Harry took us to the airport. Picked up shekels at Schiphol and checked in quickly. Some security questions. Finally boarded the plane after a long wait due to delays.  By coincidence I (Irene) sat by the window with a beautiful view.  A little israeli boy about 4 years old is talking to me. I don't understand it. Landed at Tel-Aviv after 4 hours. Customs went very smoothly. We want a taxi, a sherut. A man asks if we want a taxi?
Ries said yes; the man takes our suitcase and walks up the escalator back to the departure hall. We ask the man if he belongs to the sherut? No English he said. We ask him again, what does it cost? Fortunately, an Israeli security guard saw it and followed us up the escalator and stopped the man. Fortunately, the friendly Israeli security guard saved us from being scammed and he arranged a sherut for us.

Half past eight arrived in jerusalem, gihon street 2 jerusalem. With Jonit who was already waiting for us. We were received very warmly. We went into the old town, which was a 20-minute walk from our airbnb. Shabbat had already started and runs until Saturday