Day 6 Wednesday 
19.709 steps 

Sleeping in until half past nine. Motto: today we're going to take it easy and walk less (Failed :-). In the morning we went to our regular coffee shop, but first took a delicious vitamin shot of orange juice and carrot on the way. We'll do it again tomorrow. We had a decent breakfast at our regular tent, with bread and various dips, an omelette with herbs, tuna salad, yogurt and I don't know all for goodies.

Figured out how to get to Yad Vashem by bus. Quite complicated, because they use a kind of public transport chip card. I found an app, but this only works on mobile internet, Bye bye 60 euros. We took a bus anyway and then illegally drove the tram to Yad Vashem.  Successfully entered after 50 minutes at 13:15. I recognize the entrance gates. What a sad but very impressive museum. 
Lots of information and in a chronological order, really everything passes by. The cause of WWII, anti-Semitism, personal stories on films, camp guards, concentration camps and ghettos, beyond words. Ries couldn't handle it emotionally anymore and I stayed an hour longer. Very spicy. but thank goodness they still have this museum so we will never forget it. Very impressive was the hall of names, where they actually collected all the names of all Jews in books with a biography.
The Avenue of the Righteous among the nations. Here we went looking for Corrie ten Boom's tree, but unfortunately we did not find it. Well over 30 other commemorative plaques of Dutch people photographed +16:50 went back

Went to the old town by tram. Exited at Jaffa Street. What a nice shopping street. Bought my slippers/sandals that I wanted so much. Ate ice cream and drank coffee and tea. Back to the sandal store for a larger size. My feet are quite swollen.
To old town, first to our Fish and Chips place near Jaffa Gate. In the evening through the Jewish quarter to the Western Wall. Long prayers there on a bench at the Western Wall. We feel so calm and serene here. Back home at 10:00 PM. I'll stay home tomorrow. My feet are swollen and completely broken. Was a special day!