Day 11 monday 24 of april

This morning we had breakfast again on the veranda at the cottage. What a magnificent view this is! Ries eats bread and I eat yogurt that tastes like cheese. Difficult to read Hebrew. Richard wants to be the first to look for a pool he found via Instagram. 
We go to Bora Bora beach, a beach bar near Tiberias and then we walk down stairs to a stretch of beach, what the Arabs are making a mess of, we see it with our own eyes.

It's to cry and don't take pictures of this. When it stops we have to walk through the water up to our waists in the water with our bag on top of our heads for about 10 minutes, by the Sea of ​​Galilee. I'm afraid of slipping or suddenly stepping into a deep part. But we did it, we're there and it's beautiful! You can only get there by boat or our way. There are already some people there. The water is nice and warm, we enjoy it.

An entire Muslim family comes and throws rubbish into the water and disturbs the peace. They are busy but we pray that they may leave and luckily they do. We decide to leave after a while. This really was a mini paradise. We went into the Golan Mountains in search of a winery after a tip from Brenda and Arnout, friends from the church in The Hague. On the way we first ate in a delicious lunchroom at Cafe cafe near the Golan Heights Winery  ( 
No English menu, but a very friendly and helpful waiter. Walked a few meters to the Winery. We can join an American group. The tour starts at 2:00 PM.

All very interesting. A very sweet old Jewish man shows us around. We see the hall with barrels piled high and we see the factory hall where the bottles are filled.  We can taste some afterwards. We taste a white, a red and a muscat dessert wine, delicious!

We are home around 4.30 pm and arrange the laundry with Itay from the airbnb. We get to do laundry with their parents who are in Japan and live next to our airbnb, how nice. Ries only wakes me up at half past six. Ries is hungry. We still have to get food. We notice that we have a problem. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, Yom HaZikaron. Fallen soldiers and terror victims are commemorated. Very sad news tonight, another terrorist attack on the market near Jaffa Street.  Despite this, we still feel safe here and the Israeli citizens are not intimidated by terror and continue to live.

We can't go anywhere anymore. Everything is closed. We try several restaurants or supermarkets, all closed.  I tell Ries that we are going to pray that the small supermarket near our airbnb will be open, so I pray on the street. Let the door still be open, but otherwise dark and the door is barricaded. 
We call in and the young man from the shop says that they are actually closed and can be fined for this. Yet we can quickly get 2 pizzas and pay. Praying helps :-). Hooray we were able to get some food that we eat outside at our house and hear the sirens at 8 pm. We remember and go through the day.